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Symbols of the Presidency




By Steve Brawley

Jackie understood the important role symbolism played in helping support her husband's Presidency. She and the President understood the "staging" required to ensure America was best represented to the world. It was formal, but not stiff. The young family humanized life in the White House, but did so with a lot of flair and just enough pomp to make it all work.


-Restoration of the White House (Museum Status, Guide Book and WHHA).

-Creation of Air Force One (Signature Blue).

-South Lawn arrival ceremonies for heads of state.

-Use of Presidential Seal (Press Events, etc.)

-Jackie's "State Clothes".

-Seating area in Oval Office (couches by fireplace).

-Round tables for state dinners, less formal flowers, hired renowned Chef, more creative cuisine.

-Stepped up entertainment at state dinners showcasing American's arts.

-Frequent use of Marine One to transport family. Spending weekends away from WH in various locations.

-New presidential limo purchased. Trademark long and black (or dark blue) with seal on door.

-Formal entertainment areas in private quarters (Yellow Oval Room and Family Dining Room).

-Formal themed Christmas Trees in Blue Room.

-Restoration of the Rose Garden (Use for Press events).

-State visits around world (Jackie's India Trip).

-Causes: Promoted American arts (Kennedy Center) and culture, historic preservation.





























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