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Steven L. Brawley is a serious Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis fan and historian. Since childhood, Steve has been an ardent student of history and pop culture.

Today, Steve is a sought after consultant and lecturer. He has an extensive pop culture memorabilia collection featuring rare political, White House and Jackie related items.

In 2002 Steve was selected as a keynote speaker and event consultant to commemorate Jackie's 50th class reunion at her alma mater - The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

In 2003, he launched pinkpillbox.com - a web-based magazine that salutes Jackie- inspired style. He is often consulted by those writing Jackie-related books and by magazines such as Vanity Fair doing Jackie features.

The hallmark of the website is the true story of Jackie's iconic pink suit, most often inaccurately attributed only to Chanel.

Steve also keeps up with the former, and the current, First Ladies.

Steve's news updates can be found via facebook (www.pinkpillbox.com)

General Notes:

It is the intention of PPB to widely share Jackie and  other history related news. If you share, use or reference any of PPB's features, I just ask that you kindly credit PPB's work.

A wide variety of multi-media resources are used to provide content on this site.  All the information you find here, including pictures, is available all over the web and it is my understanding that the pictures are all in the public domain. Specific sources are cited as best as possible.

While most of my authored content is my own intellectual property, authors of published works are cited as well. Please contact me if you know of any missing citations or know of others.

This site is not in any way affiliated with the White House, the JFK Library, the Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Kennedy family, or the Bouvier, or Auchincloss families.

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If said owner(s) object to having their material used here, please e-mail me at pinkpillbox@me.com to have them removed or correctly cited or sourced.

Steven L. Brawley, Publisher


Hip History

Steve has more than 25 years of public relations and marketing experience. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri (BA) and Saint Louis University (MA).

Media Commentary: Steve is available for press interviews and backgrounder information.

Steve's specialized research into Jackie as a pop culture icon and movie magazine cover story provides unique story angles. His collection of movie magazines and artifacts make good b-roll and photo opps. He has served as a consultant to ABC News, NBC News, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, and other media outlets.

Bookings: Contact Steve today for information about booking a presentations or special event.

Steve's Presentation Resume:

  • October 2001: Conning Corporation Spouse's Event at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO
  • October 2002: George Washington University Alumni Weekend (Jackie's 50th Class Reunion), Washington, DC
  • May 2003: Webster Groves, MO Public Library Lecture
  • May 2005: Jackie Kennedy Clothing Exhibit in Chicago (Private tour guide for group from St. Louis, MO)
  • May 2006: Ladies of Lucerne Tea Room Mother's Day Lecture, St. Louis, MO
  • Sept. 2007: American Political Item Collector's Lecture, St. Louis, MO

Sample Presentations:

Jackie: America's Cover Girl - Jackie's life as told through a rare collection of vintage magazines ranging from LIFE to gossip rags.

Partying With Jackie - A fun and informative analysis of how Jackie's White House entertaining style still impacts special events today.

Jackie: PR Genius - An in depth look at how Jackie used the media and how it used her.

Jackie & Liz - A campy look at how Hollywood pitted the First Lady of America against the First Lady of Hollywood through countless gossip mags.

Sample Special Events:

Dining - Jackie Style:

Enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner reminiscent of Jackie's White House. Steve will work with your caterer and event organizer to make your event memorable, educational and very Jackie like. Menus featuring Mary Lincoln, Julia Grant and Bess Truman also available.

Remembering Jackie Exhibit:

Steve's rare collection of pop culture items about Jackie complement his presentations. Gossip magazines, Halloween masks, Valentine's Day cards and dress patterns bring back many Jackie memories. Does not include Jackie owned items.

Welcome To The White House:

Using White House recipes and rare images, Steve can work with your caterer and audiovisual/prop company to recreate a White House event reminiscent of any historical era.

Bess, Julia and Mary - Oh My!:

Steve's historical acumen runs way back in the day. He has ready to implement menus that feature foods from the eras of Mary Lincoln, Julia Grant and Julia Grant. Steve can work with your caterer and event organizer to make your event both hip and historic. Tasty too.

Examples of Steve's Events

Ladies Of Lucerne Mother's Day Tea Lecture 2006

Webster Groves Public Library Lecture 2003

Jackie Dress Exhibit Chicago 2005



Steve Brawley (314) 740-0298