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Long Island, NY

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Morgan Estate Cottage





By Steve Brawley

In the fall of 1964, Jackie rented a stone cottage on the grounds of JP Morgan II's estate in Glen Cove (West Island) in Long Island, NY on what was called Skunk's Misery Road. The house is referred to as a "tenant" house and as "creek" house in a letter from Jackie to Mrs. Morgan.

Current Zillow information on the property.

Caroline and John Jr. would both celebrate their birthdays here during Nov. 1964.

It was near the house that RFK rented during his campaign for NY Senate.

Still seeking more information.


Notations in Morgan Archives

Jackie's 1964 Rental on the Morgan Estate

The main Morgan Estate (torn down in the 1980s) - Uncertain if the Jackie Cottage (on West Island) still exists.

RFK's Nearby Long Island Rental 1964






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