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Cuban Missile Crisis 1962




By Steve Brawley

The pink suit must have been in the dry cleaners a lot in the fall of 1962.

She would don the outfit again, this time for a state visit by the Maharaja of Jaipur on Oct. 23, 1962. The visit hit a snag when a little event known as the Cuban Missile Crisis came up.

Jackie did her part to help out the President (who was a little preoccupied with world peace) during the crisis by entertaining the Maharaja. An informal dinner was held in their honor and things went along without the guests knowing about the stressful situation the White House was handling.

Jackie posed with them on the South Lawn for photos. Jackie had visited India earlier that year.

The First Lady and their children stayed in the White House (despite having the option of going to a secure bunker at Greenbriar or Camp David) during this time. Jackie kept up appearances and hosted dinners to keep the President's mind off the crisis, even if just for a few moments.

In recognition of her support during this critical time, the President gave Jackie this engraved momento (below).

Photos by JFK Library (Cecil Stoughton).




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