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The Jackie House(s) Tour

Inventory of

Jackie's Homes

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Rowdy Hall

Hammersmith Farm

790 Park Ave.

740 Park Ave.

One Gracie Square

520 E. 86th St.

125 E. 74th St.


Reno, Nevada

76 Mozart, Paris

Grey Gardens

Senator's Wife:

Dent Place

Carlyle Hotel

Hickory Hill

P. Street

3307 N. St.

Hyannis Port

Palm Beach

The Presidency:

The White House

Camp David

Glen Ora


Squaw Island

Paul House

Annandale Farm

Onassis Years:

The Christina



88 Avenue Foch

On Her Own:

Harriman Residence

Baker House

1040 Fifth Ave.

Martha's Vineyard

Morgan Cottage, NY

Peapack, NJ

Middleburg, VA

Concord, MA

Family Homes:

John Kennedy Jr's. NYC Loft

Caroline Kennedy's NYC Apartment

Lee Radziwill's Homes

JFK's Homes

By Steve Brawley

Jackie lived in some pretty impressive digs

throughout her jet set life. Here is a tour:

740 Park Avenue, New York City

(Parent's Apartment, Ages 3-9)

One Gracie Square, New York City

(Mother's Apartment 1939-41)

125 E. 74th St., New York City

(Father's Apartment)

Lasata (Summer Home of Father's Family)


Rowdy Hall (Summer Home of Parents)

Hammersmith Farm (Summer Home of Stepfather)

Grey Gardens (Home of Aunt and Cousin)

76 Mozart, Paris France (1949)

Merrywood, Virginia (Home of Step Father)

Hyannis Port, 111 Irving Ave., Kennedy Compound

(1956-1963) JFK home now owned by Ted Kennedy Jr.

Carlyle Hotel (Kennedy Family Suite)

Georgetown, DC, 3321 Dent Place (1953-1954)

Hickory Hill, Virginia (1955-56, Then Sold to Robert

and Ethel Kennedy)

Georgetown, DC, 2808 P. Street (1957)

Georgetown, DC, 3307 N. Street (1957-1961)

Palm Beach (Kennedy Estate)

The White House (1961-63)

Camp David (1961-63)

Glen Ora, Middleberg VA (1961-63 Lease)

Paul House, Palm Beach, FLA (1961-63 Loaned)

Morton Downey Home, Squaw Island, MA (Rented 1962)

Brambletyde, Squaw Island, MA (Rented 1963)

Wexford, Atoka VA (Built in 1963)

Harriman Residence, Georgetown DC

(Loaned to Jackie Dec. 1963 to Jan. 1964)

The Newton D. Baker House, Georgetown DC

(Jan. 1964 Purchase. Moved July 1964.)

1040 Fifth Avenue, New York (1964-1994)

Peapack, New Jersey (1965-1994)

Middleburg, Virginia (Rental 1980s and 1990s)

Skorpios Island, Greece

The Christina (Onassis' Yacht)

88 Avenue Foch, Paris (Onassis' Flat)

Martha's Vineyard (Now owned by Caroline)

Red Gate Farm

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