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Hammersmith Farm




By Steve Brawley

Built for John W. Auchincloss in 1887, this shingled Victorian mansion was home to a young Jackie Bouvier and used for the 1953 wedding reception of John F. Kennedy and Jackie (whose mother was married to an Auchincloss).

The 28-room, brick-and-shingle "cottage" on Narragansett Bay has spectacular ocean views, several smaller cottages, and gardens designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

President Kennedy spent enough time at Hammersmith Farm that it

was referred to as Summer White House. Notably the Peace Corps Act (Public Law 87-293) was signed into law by Kennedy in late September 1961 during one of his stays. Kennedy also announced that John McCone would become the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency during his stay at Hammersmith in late September 1961.

It was open for several years to the public beginning in 1978, and would fall into great disrepair. It was sold in 1997 and again two years later and underwent a major restoration. The property is no longer open to the public.

What remains in the Auchincloss family's possession are Hammersmith's outbuildings, namely, The Castle, The Palace, and The Windmill (designed in part by Jackie), three guest houses that were left as a "tenancy incommon to Hugh Auchincloss" seven children and step-children. Of the seven original tenants in common, four remain today (after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis bequeathed her share to her stepbrother Hugh D. "Yusha" AuchinclossIII, and after Lee Radziwill and Jamie Auchincloss sold their shares to other family members).


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Hammersmith Farm, Newport RI

View of Hammersmith Gardens, 1930 (Edward Van Altena, Smithsonian Collection)

Jackie's Early Years: Hammersmith Farm

1947 Deb of the Year - Jackie at Hammersmith

Jackie's Hammersmith Farm Bedroom

Jackie's Hammersmith Farm Bedroom (recent renovations)

The Wedding Reception: September 12, 1953, Hammersmith Farm

Summer White House 1961-63: Hammersmith Farm, Newport RI

Jackie's side of the family. 1962 at Hammersmith.

Jackie and Caroline on the rocks near Hammersmith (source and date unknown)

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