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Design and Restoration




By Steve Brawley

Jackie's Design Projects and Collaborators:

-N. Street (Her Sister Lee and Sister Parish)

-Hyannisport (Gerald Shea, Sister Parish)

-The White House (Sister Parish, Maison Jansen/Stephane Boudin and Paul Manno, Henry DuPont, Bunny Mellon, Jayne Wrightsman, Michael Greer and others)

-Glen Ora (Sister Parish)

-Wexford (Stephane Boudin and Billy Baldwin - who did not complete)

-Baker House (Billy Baldwin)

-Kennedy Gravesite (Carl Warnecke)

-Kennedy Library (I.M. Pei)

-1040 Fifth Ave. (Keith Irvine, Harrison Cultra, Mark Hampton, John Fowler, Bunny Mellon, Richard Keith Langham, M. Ortiz, Design Works/Tillets, Mace Decorating Service and others)

-Pink House on Skorpios (Billy Baldwin, Paul Leonard)

-Onassis Paris Flat on Foch Ave. (Jacques Grange)

-Onassis' Olympic Tower/Apartment Models (Albert Hadley, Mac II, Arthur Smith and Denning and Fourcade)

-Red Gate Farm (Hugh Newell Jacobsen and Georgina Fairholme)

Jackie's Favorite Designers and Architects:

-Billy Baldwin

-Stephane Boudin

-Lee Bouvier Radziwill

-Harrison Cultra

-Design Works: Bedford-Stuyvesant (Tillets)

-Henry DuPont

-Georgina Fairholme

-Hugh Newell Jacobsen (Red Gate Farm Architect)

-John Fowler

-Maison Jansen

-Jacques Grange

-Michael Greer

-Mark Hampton

-Keith Irvine

-Richard Keith Langham

-Paul Leonard

-Mace Decorating Service (Painters)

-Paul Manno

-Bunny Mellon

-M. Ortiz

-Sister Parish (Parish-Hadley)

-I.M. Pei (JFK Library Architect)


-Gerald Shea

-Carl Warnecke (JFK Grave, Lafayette Square Architect)

-Jayne Wrightsman

Jackie's White House Curators:

-Lorraine Waxman Pearce, 1961–1962 (Pictured above)

-William Vos Elder III, 1962–1963

-James R. Ketchum, 1963–1969

Jackie's White House Fine Arts Committee:

-Mr. Henry DuPont (Chair)

-Mr. Charles Francis Adams

-Mr. John Butterfield

-Mrs. C. Douglas Dillon

-Mrs. Charles Englehard

-Mr. David Finley

-Mrs. Albert Lasker

-Mr. John Loeb

-Mrs. Paul "Bunny" Melon

-Mrs. Henry Parish II (Sister Parish)

-Mr. Gerald Shea (Jackie bought items from his estate for Hyannisport)

-Mr. John Walker

-Mrs. George Henry Warren

-Mrs. Charles B. (Jayne) Wrightsman

Jackie's White House Special Paintings Committee:

-Mr. James Fosburgh (Chair)

-Mrs. Joseph Alsop

-Mrs. J. Cheever

-Mr. Henry DuPont

-Mr. Lawrence Fleischman

-Mrs. James Fosburgh

-Mrs. Walter Halle

-Mr. Stanley Marcus

-Mrs. William Paley

-Mr. Joesph Pulitzer, Jr.

-Mr. Nathaniel Saltonstall

-Mrs. Suzette Zucher


Montages by Steven L. Brawley, publisher (if use, please credit - thanks)

Kennedy Gravesite (Carl Warnecke)

Kennedy Library (I.M. Pei)




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