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Jackie's Table Settings




By Steve Brawley

Jackie was a lifelong collector of fine china. We know of many of the patterns she used from the items sold at the 1995 Sotheby's auction.

We also sadly know that the Kennedy's did not have a chance to order their own White House state china service, even though a few test pieces were produced.

From the Kennedy Library

China, flatware, etc. used in the White House: According to Margaret Klapthor (Official White House China: 1789 to the Present. The Barra Foundation, Inc. in association with Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers: New York, 1999):

•The President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy ordered no china for the White House and usually used the Truman China with the Eisenhower service plates for state dinners.

•Whenever possible, Mrs. Kennedy used the old china – that is, Lincoln's purple china, the china designed by Mrs. Harrison, and pieces of the Hayes's service – to represent the traditions of the past. Her preference for the Harrison china was shown in her selection of pieces from that service to decorate the breakfront that she had placed in the family dining room during the years that she and President Kennedy occupied the mansion.

•Mrs. Kennedy did order Franciscan Masterpiece china for use aboard Air Force One, but the china does not appear to have been put into use until the Johnson Administration. It is NOT the Desert Rose pattern some people claim - but a simple design using the Presidential Seal (see below).

PPB is seeking any information on any china patterns associated with Jackie (including her wedding to JFK, and any personal china used in Georgetown or the White House).



China Patterns Used by Jackie

Franciscan Masterpiece China Ordered by Jackie Kennedy for use on Air Force One.

Franciscan Masterpiece China Ordered by Jackie Kennedy for use on Air Force One.

1963 test samples from Sevres (never finalized or ordered for the Kennedy White House)

Belleek, Shamrock Ware (Sothebys)

Neu Brandenstein, Meissen (Sothebys)

Burselm, Pink Colonial (Sothebys)

Unknown 18th Century Chinese Porclain (Sothebys)

Coalport, Canton (Sothebys)

Villery Boch, Colmar (Sothebys)

Copeland Spode, Italian (Sothebys)

Grosvenor, Merlin (Sothebys)

Piero Fornatossi, Man in Space Series (Sothebys)

Spode, Fox Hunting Series with Maroon Border (Sothebys)

Stangl Pottery, Town Country (Sothebys)

Syracuse Whitby (Sothebys)

Ten Adams, Fairy Villas (Sothebys)

Villeroy Boch, Blue Onion (Sothebys)

Worchester, Cumberland (Sothebys)

Worchester, Astley (Sothebys)

Wedgwood, Peabody Museum Series (Sothebys)

Wannopee, Lettuce Leaf (Sothebys)




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