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Caroline Kennedy, 888 Park Ave.





By Steve Brawley

Like her mother, Caroline keeps a fairly low private profile (other than her tip toe into politics for the NY senate seat). She has quietly raised her family at 888 Park Avenue with her husband Ed Schlossberg. The building's awing is very similar to her mother's former 1040 Fifth Ave. building. 888 is also just down the street from 740 Park Ave., where Jackie lived as a child.

Her six-room apartment is at an exclusive address on Park Avenue where a larger unit was recently listed for $13 million. Friends describe it as a low-key place covered with books and decorated with slip-covered sofas.

Kennedy and her husband, enjoy entertaining, frequently hosting buffet-style gatherings. Sometimes, he cooks.

Back in 2000, 888 Park's board voted to not to allow Bradley J. Wechsler, 49, co-chairman and co–chief executive of Imax Corporation, and his wife, Patti Newberger, into the building. They had gone into contract on a $13 million apartment and they had very powerful friends plus plenty of money in the bank. One report claimed that, "They were impeccable candidates.” No justification for the rejection was made

Now that is a tough co-op board.

This large and very handsome apartment building was erected in 1926 and converted to a cooperative in 1953. The richly decorated, red-brick facade with rope quoins and an interesting cornice is one of the most attractive on the Avenue. The building has a two-story limestone base and a very deep and impressive lobby. As of 1992 it had 48 apartments.

It was designed by Schwartz & Gross, whose other buildings on the Park Avenue include 470, 525, 885, 910, 911, 930, 941, 970, 983, 1045, 1070, 1095, 1125 and 1165.

Rose and Tatiana Schlossberg in 888 Park Ave. (Source needed)

Caroline Kennedy, 888 Park Avenue

Caroline and her son Jack leave 888 for memorial services on 7-29-99 for her brother John Jr.



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