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September 20, 1961




By Steve Brawley


Tea for Wives of Diplomatic Corps (Menu Needed)

Hosted by Jackie Kennedy

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Description: First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy hosts a tea party for wives of new ambassadors; guests pose in front of the grand staircase in the Entrance Hall, White House, Washington, D.C. Guests include: Neila Zouiten Bourguiba (wife of Ambassador Habib Bourguiba, Jr. of Tunisia); Mrs. Frédéric Guirma of Upper Volta; Mrs. Sergio Fenoaltea of Italy; Helena Drozniak (wife of Ambassador Edward Drozniak of Poland); Mrs. Michel Gallin-Douathe of Central African Republic; Seelawathie Rambukwella Gopallawa (wife of Ambassador William Gopallawa of Ceylon); Mrs. Matrika Prasad Koirala of Nepal; Nepalese interpreter Bhinda Malla; Mrs. Il Kwon Chung of South Korea; Mrs. Emmanuel Datnongo Dadet of Congo; Virginia Rusk (wife of Secretary of State Dean Rusk); Mrs. Ousmane Diop of Senegal; Mrs. Seydou Conte of Guinea. Sept. 20, 1961.















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