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740 Park Ave.




By Steve Brawley

Jackie and Lee around the ages they lived at 740.

New York City was Jackie's childhood playground and 740 Park Ave. was her headquarters.

740 has 31 units, and has the highest ceilings and widest hallways on Park Avenue. The exterior of the building is clad with limestone. It was built in 1929, designed by Rosario Candela and Arthur Loomis Harmon, the design partner of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon.

The builder was James T. Lee, Jackie's maternal grandfather.

Life in the building is frequently described in the New York Social Diary.

In 2005, author Michael Gross published a detailed book on the building and its history, 740 Park: The Story of the World's Richest Apartment Building.

According to Gross, builder Lee's daughter Janet Lee Bouvier and son-in-law Jack Bouvier took the final open lease ( for free), and their daughter Jackie lived here with her sister Lee until her parents divorce - when she, Janet and Lee moved to One Gracie Square.

They lived in unit 6/7a. It was listed for $138,000.

Unit now owned by hedge fund investor David Ganek. It has been modernized to host his modern art collection.





740 Park Avenue Apartment (Unit 6/7 A)

Mrs. David Ganek at 740.

Party at 740 hosted by the Ganeks.

David Ganek at 740 (left)









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